Esther Kyozira

Program Officer, Uganda

Esther Kyozira is the Program Officer for Uganda for the Disability Rights Fund and the Disability Rights Advocacy Fund. She works closely with the program team and serves as a liaison between the Funds and grantees in Uganda.

Esther is an experienced human rights advocate who has served in various leadership roles for the National Union of Disabled Persons of Uganda (NUDIPU), most recently as their Head of Programs. She previously worked as the coordinator of the Hi-tech Project under the Uganda National Association of the Blind, an initiative introduced to train visually impaired persons in accessible technology and to provide support with daily activities. Esther has led numerous projects to empower PWDs to prepare alternative reports for the CRPD Committee and Human Rights Council, including presenting the reports in Geneva. She has also worked to influence key national policies and legislation, such as the National Disability Bill in Uganda, and has been working closely with DPOs to monitor the implementation of the SDGs. She also serves as a representative of women with disabilities on the National Association of Women’s Organizations in Uganda and the Representative of PWDs on the Higher Education Students’ Financing Board, and has previously served on the National Council for Disability as its Chairperson and the Uganda Foundation for the Blind.

Esther has a Masters of Arts in Human Rights and a Bachelors of Arts in Education both from Makerere University Kampala and a Diploma in Law from the Law Development Center-Uganda.